Jypsy Hill Flowers small business blossoming in Collinsville

Amy Voborsky knew she wanted to start a flower stand when she moved here from Michigan, but she wasn’t sure how well it would do off the main roads. After hearing about the Collinsville Connection Facebook page she was able to get the word out, and Jypsy Hill Flowers has bloomed into a small business.

Jypsy Hill Flowers stand at 1153 Frontage Road, Collinsville is open on Sundays from 9 am –3 pm but will shift to 7 am –noon as the weather warms up. Bouquets usually cost around $ 10 and the stand accepts cash, Venmo and Paypal. Keep an eye out on the Collinsville Connection Facebook page or the Jypsy Hill Flowers Facebook page for updates.

Jypsy Hill Flowers gets its name from an old jeep Voborsky used to have.

“I did a lot of backpacking and camping. Where I used to live I was about a half-hour away from a trailhead for it, so I spent a lot of time on the trails and so that’s where the whole gypsy thing came in, ”Voborsky said.“ I thought, I kind of want that for my license plate, and of course the proper spelling of it was taken so you start playing with the letters and things. ”

While the jeep is gone the plates, and name, still remain.

“And we live on a hill,” she said. “So: Jypsy Hill.”

Vaborsky and her husband, two-year-old son and two-year-old German Shepherd moved to Collinsville from Michigan last April. Vaborsky’s husband had found a job in Granite City, which brought them to Illinois in the first place.

However, the job started before they found a house.

“Hotels for three months with a large dog and a toddler,” Voborsky recalled. “Glad that chapter is over.”

Vorborsky said her family was originally looking at a house in Missouri that sat on the two main streets that go into the town. That is where she first had the idea to have a stand outside where several people would pass by it every day.

“That house unfortunately was sold to another bidder but I still kept the idea of ​​wanting to do a little flower thing on the side wherever we went,” Voborsky said.

While off the main road, Voborsky said their house in Collinsville has several great features, but the clay soil is not one of them. She said she had to go buy a pickax just to get through it.

“Last year was more just kind of getting the gardens made, just figuring out how to grow things,” Voborsky said.

Voborsky has almost 18 years of experience in manufacturing, not gardening, and she said she has been figuring out how to grow as she goes.

“I’ve definitely killed more plants than what is out there,” she said. “I’m just figuring it out as I go, and it’s fun. I guess that’s part of the process I enjoy is that it is a new thing. , so I’m learning new things every day. You’re always working towards the next season, so that’s been fun. ”

Voborsky started with a garden in the front and the side of her yard, the only spots flat enough to run a yard tractor on, she said. The house now has four gardens, and growing.

So why flowers?

“Flower farming is cheaper than therapy,” Voborsky said. “We were still kind of in the middle of all the stuff from Covid and, I don’t remember the exact phrase but,’The body seeks food for nourishment, but the soul seeks beauty’and flowers is a good way to do that. ”

Along with the flower stand, Voborsky has been bringing her business to a few vendor fairs. She has sold at the indoor Verona Coffee Company vendor fair a few times and is “excited but nervous” to get into other local markets.

“I like the market atmosphere, it’s fun,” Voborsky said. “I didn’t know if I would like it because I never had any kind of background in that type of thing. I was a manufacturer, I worked at my little assembly. area and that was it.

“It’s fun seeing all the people and then hearing their stories. They will recognize a flower or something that I’m growing and have a memory of it like,’Oh, grandma so and so grew it’or,’ Oh those were in my wedding bouquet.’It makes me feel good doing that, hearing the stories. ”

“But I’m still nervous every time,” Voborsky said.

She said she likes that the markets give her something to work on and a reason to get out of the house once in a while.

Voborsky uses her two-year-old son’s crayon scribbles to wrap tin cans to create unique flower vessels for the stand. Jypsy Hill Flowers is something of a family business.

“He likes to grab the watering can any time I have it so I’m trying to show him how to water,” Voborsky said. “And he sprays me with the hose, so he’s quite involved.”

“We grow flowers. I’m a mom home full time with a crazy little one and that’s our story,” Voborsky said.

For more information on when and where to find Jypsy Hill Flowers visit the Facebook page @jypsyhillflowers.